About Utricularia plants 


The Genus of Utricularia consist of about 275 species, Utricularia vulgararis the Greater bladderwort ( active mouse trap)

The origin are from: Europe Siberia North Africa North America including Alaska. They grow in ditches or ponds, marshes and even in peat bogs.


Likes half shade and can grow in an aquarium or pond temp 0 to 30c.


Humidity aquatic plant 

Flowers May to September, colour of the flower is bright yellow

Lifespan is indefinite


Utricularia sandsonii

Origin from South Africa

is a terrestrial plant growsin marshy area where it is surrounding vegetation

The flower stalk bares one to seven flowers ,the palate at the centre of the flower is yellowy-green,

becomming violet towards the edge 

Compost must be damp.


Utricularia alpina ( Mountain Utricularia)

Origin from Central and South America ( Columbia Guynana Peru Venezuela) West Indies (Dominic Martinique Saint Vinsant La Trinite Grenada).


Is an epiphytic species- it lives on trees that grow on the mountains at heights frequently covered by clouds. The plant grows on mosses that develop on the outside needs fairly high temperature from 6c to 30c can be very difficult to grow, will grow in a heat controlled aquarium or a propagator.