Sarracenia purpurea sp purpurea has been introduced for over 100 years ,in the margens of bog lands in Ireland, also in other parts of Europe ,they seem to be the hardiest of the sarracenia,


there are 8 species of sarracenia ,plus sub species and hybrids

The 8 species are :


Alata (the pale pitcher plant ) Origin from along the Gulf coast from SW Alabama to the Eastern plains of Texas ,along to the Mississippi from the Gulf 


Flava : Origin from the south-west ern America ( from Virginia to Florida & on the coastal plans 


Leucophylla: Meaning white leaves ( white trumpet pitcher plant )  Origin from United States (south west of Georgia to North Carolina up to Northern Florida 


Minor: (the Hooded  pitcher plant ) Origin from the southern North Carolina up to Northern Florida 


Oreophila : ( The green pitcher plant ) Origin found near the Sand Mountain area near the Alabama state line SE of the Tennessee River 


Pssittacina : ( The Parrot pitcher plant) Origin from Southern Georgia northern Florida to south Louisiana & to the Mississippi


Purpurea :( The purple  pitcher plant) Origin from North America & in large areas over the northern parts of the continent & along the Atlantic coast as far as Florida & from Georgia & to the Mississippi 


Rubra: ( The sweet pitcher plant) Origin from areas of western Florida through  to North Carolina Producing red flowers 

Care of the Sarracenia 

Watering : stand in rainwater only - Sunlight half shade or full sun 

Temperature : 0 to 37c 

Humidity :high Compost : is Irish moss peat & drop of perlite or 1/2 moss peat 1/2 lime free silver sand & drop of perlite 

Keeping plants just moist in winter 




Sarracenia picther plants outside